Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050

Welcome to another price prediction post by cryptoblackmoney.com, Here in this article we will provide complete information about Rivian Automotive Inc.

Today we will analyze the stocks with both analyses, i.e Technical & Fundamental analysis, and today’s stock is EVs are the future! Are you thinking about investing in EV Stocks? Lets us see the Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

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What Is Rivian stock About Automotive Inc? some Information 

Established in 2009, Rivian Auto, Inc. is an American maker of electric vehicles and supplier of car advancements. Rivian is fostering an electric pickup truck and game utility vehicle on a “skateboard” system that might oblige extra automobiles or be adjusted by different organizations.

Rivian Car, Inc. is an American carmaker of electric vehicles and a supplier of car innovations.

Robert “RJ” Scaringe the Chief of the organization sent off the organization in 2009, under the name Standard Engines, then, at that point, changed its name to Avera Car and afterward, in 2011, to Rivian Auto.

The organization’s base camp is in Irvine, California, while its creation office is in Typical, Illinois, USA.

Sports vehicles were the first goal for Rivian’s underlying vehicle type. In 2015, Rivian got sizable speculation, saw enormous development, and began zeroing in just electric independent vehicles.

In 2016, Rivian was haggling to buy an assembling office in Typical, Illinois that had previously had a place with Mitsubishi Engines.

For $16 million, Rivian bought the plant’s creation gear in 2017. Rivian uncovered its initial two models in December 2017: the electric R1C seven-traveler SUV and the electric R1T five-traveler pickup truck.

Toward the start of 2018, Rivian had 250 laborers. At this point, they utilize north of 9000 individuals.

Rivian declared cost climbs for the R1T and R1S of 17% and 20%, individually, successful Walk 1, 2022. The organization gave reasons for a deficiency of semiconductors and rising evaluation for different parts.

Rivian was remembered for TIME’s rundown of the 100 Most Powerful Organizations of the Year 2022 in the Spring of that year.

Rivian pronounced on July 27, 2022, that it will cut its work by 6% because of high expansion, increasing financing costs, and parts costs.

Rivian Initial public offering comes in November 2021, the firm brought about $13.5 billion up in venture. The firm was esteemed at $66.5 billion after 153 million offers were sold at the underlying contribution cost of $78.00. The stock’s end cost on the main exchanging day was $100.73 per share.

In Rivian Car Inc., significant speculations and stacks holders are Amazon at around 18.1%, Portage engines at 11.4%, and Abdul Latif Jameel at 12.7%.

Rivian Stock’s Most recent Q2-June 2022 Procuring

> Rivian Car, Inc. Income was at $364 Million contrasted and $337.5 million last year, 7.85 % UP YOY

> Rivian Auto, Inc. revealed an expansion in loss of – $1.7 Billion, as contrasted and – $580 Million misfortune last year, 193 % Loss Increased YOY

The primary vision of Rivian is to produce SUV-type vehicles, for example, Pickup trucks or UTEs. Rivian has likewise delivered E-Vans for the biggest Web-based business organization, Amazon.

The organization sent off its Initial public offering in Nov 2021 by raising more than USD 13.5 billion. Financial backers put resources into this organization with a dream that Rivian could turn into a significant contender for TESLA.

There are a ton of financial backers and brokers who are exceptionally keen on realizing Rivian stock cost expectations for 2025.

Valuation Measures Value/Price
Market Cap 29.25 B
Enterprise Value 3.93 B
52 Week High 179.47 USD
52 Week Low 19.25 USD
S&P500 52-Week Change -4.31%
Price/Sales (TTM) 84.53
Price/Book (MRQ) 1.05
Enterprise Value/Revenue 71.37
Enterprise Value/EBITDA -0.88
50/200 Day Moving Average $29.92 / $57.98

The above table presentation data about Rivian Car, Inc. (RIVN) Stock Cost, market cap, and 52-week high and low alongside some other significant data like S&P500 52-Week Change in Rivian. Information from the above table was taken on 12/05/2022 from Hurray Money.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040 and 2050

Here you will find the Stocks Forecast, price prediction, and target for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040 and 2050.

We here give you the stock forecast/prediction at cryptoblackmoney.com with the help of analyzing the data by Fundamental data, technical analysis, Elliott wave analysis, and AI of Rivian Stock‘s past price data, and also what Experts are saying about its future Stock Forecast.

Please one thing keeps in mind that this forecast, prediction, or any target is only a suggestion given by experts or analysis. The forecast/prediction that will be perfect is almost impossible. Errors always exist in any analysis, but we try our best to give good price stock forecasts/predictions.

Rivian Stock Forecast

Year Lower Range Medium Range Higher Range
2022 $40.00 $42.75 $45.75
2023 $54.00 $58.25 $62.25
2024 $71.75 $77.00 $82.25
2025 $89.50 $96.00 $102.75
2026 $109.50 $117.75 $125.50
2027 $134.50 $144.00 $154.50
2028 $162.75 $174.25 $186.50
2029 $197.50 $211.00 $225.75
2030 $240.75 $257.50 $275.50
2040 $1,490 $1,590 $1,700

Rivian Stock Forecast 2022 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2022

Year Rivian stock price prediction 2022
2022 $45 to $70

Keep watching the trends in Stock markets and also according to a techno-funda analysis of Rivian stock forecast 2022, Rivian Stock price prediction 2022, the stock is expected to touch the Lower range at $40.00, Higher Range can reach $45.75, and Medium Range at $42.75.

As per our technical analysis and current market situation, the Rivian stock price forecast for 2022 is $45 as the first target and $70 as the second target.

Overall, the Rivian stock price forecast says it will range between $45 to $70 in 2022. Rivian has performed very well and is expected to perform better in 2022.

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Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023 | Rivian Stock Forecast 2023

Year Rivian stock price prediction 2022
2023 $123- $157

For a stock like Rivian, this is a perfect moment. For the corporation in 2022, things are really just getting started.

Production will, however, significantly accelerate over the next years. It will significantly benefit the company’s revenues and margins if the macro climate improves during this ramp.

Furthermore, RIVN may be well-positioned for better returns to investors in the upcoming. So, Rivian stock price prediction 2023, Rivian stock forecast for 2023.

Rivian stock price will range between $123 and $157 in 2023 as per our price prediction. The company is pushing its capabilities very hard to improve the production rate. So, they can sell more cars and make more profit.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2024 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2024

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Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2024, Stock Price is estimated to reach a Lower range at $71.75, Higher Range can get $82.25 and Medium Range is at $77.00.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2025 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2025,

The R1T pickup truck, the R1S SUV, and the Amazon electric delivery van are the three major vehicles Rivian manufactures (EDV).

As of May 9, Rivian has more than 90,000 R1 preorders in the United States and Canada in addition to Amazon’s order for 100,000 EDVs.

They have good demand in the market. They started slow but their future looks promising. If they managed their production problems, they will may can give good returns to the investors.

So, Rivian stock price prediction 2025, Rivian stock forecast for 2025 will be trading between 120.5 USD to 128.25 USD.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2026 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2026

Rivian Stock Forecast 2026, Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2026, As as per our Analysis Rivian Stock Price is projected to reach a Lower range of $109.50, Higher Range can get $125.50 and Medium Range is at $117.75.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2027 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2027

Rivian Stock Forecast 2027, stock price to touch the Lower range at $134.50, Higher Range at $154.50, and Medium Range at $144.00.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2028 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2028

Rivian Stock Price forecast 2028, as per Technical Analysis price expected to reach the Lower range at $162.75, Higher Range can get up to $186.50 and Medium Range is at $174.25.

Rivian stock Forecast 2029 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2029

Rivian stock Forecast 2029, Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2029, Stock Price is estimated to reach at the Lower range of $197.50, Higher Range can get $225.75 and Medium Range is at $211.00.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030 | Rivian Stock Forecast 2030

The majority of analysts have favorable opinions of Rivian Future. Through 2030, analysts predict that Rivian will rise at a remarkable 40 to 50% compound annual growth rate.

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so, So, Rivian stock price prediction 2030, Rivian stock forecast for 2030 will be trading between 185.90 USD to 210.10 USD.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2040 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040

Rivian stock forecast 2040, Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040, as per All Analysis, Rivian stock price to reach the Lower range at $1,490, Higher Range can get $1,700 and Medium Range is at $1,590.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2050| Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2050

Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2050

Rivian stock price prediction for 2050 is around $2349. These price forecasts are based on technical analysis made by different software and tools.

The main component of an electric vehicle is its battery. Batteries are like the backbone of every electric vehicle. Mainly, these batteries are made up of Lithium. If the sales of EV will increase, then the sales of Lithium batteries will also increase. So it is very important to know about those companies and their stocks.

We have researched and selected the Best Lithium Batteries Makers and their stocks. Read it to know more.

Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050

Year Rivian stock price prediction
2022 $45 to $70
2025 $185.34 to $2360.45
2030 $745.35 to $845.45
2040 Nearly $1500
2050 Around $2349

Above table display information about Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050 on the base of technical analysis done by experts.

Should I buy Rivian stock?

Yes, as per our analysis Rivian is a good stock to buy because of many reasons such as

  • They are mainly focused on utility trucks, as per research, doing business in a particular niche has more chances of getting success.
  • Currently, the EV boom has to come. So, people who start early when some revolution is about have more chances of getting success.
  • As tesla is dominating EVs. What do you think? That only they will dominate in EV for the next decade?
  • Do you trust in long-term investment? If yes, then Rivian stock is a good one to buy now to hold for a year to make a massive profit. As per experts, only those people who get success in the stock market spends time in it instead of timing it.

FAQ: People also ask:

Should I Buy Rivian shares?

It depends on your investment goals. Currently, Rivian is facing problems in production because of the supply chain. So, if production is slow means less fulfillment of orders and less profit. So, it could be a risk to invest in Rivian, and could become good as well, it all depends on production at the moment.

Will Rivian Stocks Grow In The Future?

Yes, in the stock market you can’t say it will grow or not as well it all depends on the fundamentals of the company as well. 290,000 vehicle delivery is expected by 2025 with $25.8 billion in revenue. 701,918 vehicle delivery is expected by 2030 with $78.7 billion in revenue. So, from these figures, you can expect what could happen.

Why Is Rivian stock So Low?

Currently, the company is facing problems with mass production and delivery due to supply-chain shortages. Fewer deliveries of cars mean fewer sales, and fewer sales mean less profit. If a company is not making a profit, it is certain that its share price will go down or that there are any issues going on inside the company’s management.
These days, the news is getting viral about the upcoming recession. So, people are scared these days and do not put their money into shares instead they are dumping shares which causes the stock prices to go down.

Are Rivian Stocks Overpriced?

Yes, Rivian stock is overpriced based on its production, which is currently affected due to supply-chain shortages around the globe.

What Is The Prediction For Rivian Stock?

Rivian stock price prediction for 2022 is $45 to $70.
Rivian stock price prediction for 2025 is $188.34 to $246.45.
Rivian stock price prediction for 2030 is $745.34 to $845.45.
Rivian stock price prediction for 2040 is around $1500.
Rivian stock price prediction for 2050 is around $2349.

Will Rivian Stock Recover?

Yes, Rivian stock will recover in the future as the company is getting stronger day by day and acquiring more and more clients for their trucks.

What Will Rivian Stock Be Worth In 5 Years?

As per analysis, the stock price of Rivian in the next 5 years will hit 3 digits back and will trade over $500

Is Rivian Publicly traded Company?

Yes, Rivian stock is publicly traded and it is registered on NYSE with ticker code RIVN.

What is Rivian stock price prediction for 2025?

Rivian stock price prediction for 2025 is $185 to $230. RIVN can reach these price targets easily by the end of the year 2025.

What will be the Rivian Stock Forecast 2022?

The Rivian stock forecast 2022, Rivan stock price prediction 2022, price expected to reach a maximum level of $45.75 at the end of 2022. (Will be updated every 20 days)

When will Rivian Stock Reach $5,000?

As per the latest data analyzed by AI-based Technical analysis and Elliott Wave analysis, Rivian stock can Reach $5,000 in 2047-48 (the forecast will change according to future data changes and will be updated here every Month)

Is Rivian Stock a good investment? and Is Rivian Stock can reach $55 or fall to $15?

As recently June 2022 Quarter earning data not coming as expected and did not encourage any short-term investments, the Technical chart indicates sideways movements in the stock price. Any breakout above $41 will lead price to $55 and any breakout below $24 will price to fall at $15. But expecting a good demand for stocks and fundamental data for future returns, Rivian Stock encourages good investments but goes only for long-term investments. Every stock has risk involved, so do your own research before Investment.

Is Rivian Stock A Good Buy?

Yes, at the current price of nearly $32 USD, it’s a good bargain. Currently, the company holds over $16 billion in cash and their sales are increasing daily they are also focusing on their products as well. Due to sexy-looking trucks, people are more interested in Rivian trucks.

The Bull Case For Rivian

Being a first mover in EVs Rivian has become the first producer for delivering EV trucks to their clients. They have already attached a huge amount of people to their trucks and have 1000s of pre-orders in their hands. Recently in 2022, Rivian secured a deal with Amazon.INC for providing them EV vans for the purpose of delivery and pickup.

The Bear Case For Rivian

Since the start of May 2022, Rivian has only produced around 5,000 E-vehicles and they are expecting to finish 2022 by producing nearly 25,000 vehicles. The production rate for Rivian is quite less in comparison to other competitors such as Ford which sold over million vehicles in 2021 and Tesla which produced around 300,000 cars in the first quarter of 2022.


Disclaimer: So in this post, we discussed Rivian Automotive Inc (NASDAQ: RIVN) market cap, share price, PE ratio, a 52-week low, and high. Also in this post main focus was on discussing Rivian Stock Forecast and Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050 based on technical analysis by experts, historical prices, and current market news.

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